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    Become an examiner
    Examining and moderating is a rewarding and interesting experience that can also be undertaken alongside your existing role. Join our team of experienced examiners today.
    Discover our new Vocational Awards - from September 2022
    We’ve been working with teachers and other subject experts to review and update our suite of KS4 Vocational Awards - teaching from September 2022.
    Here for you
    With friendly and knowledgeable teams at hand, trusted and valued qualifications, free digital resources and comprehensive training packages, WJEC is here for you.
    Professional Learning Courses - sign-up today!
    Join us at one of our interactive workshops and get all the latest information on qualifications and assessments, an insight into teaching resources, and a range of practical tips and strategies for the classroom.
    Results Days: Get all the information you need
    Find information on how grades have been determined, making an appeal, FAQs, and a range of support.
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